August 2011 Trash Cleanup
Like many of us, you may think there's no trash in our lake.  Well, if you start to look for it, its there.  Look what a group of hard working volunteers were able to pull from the lake. Now its cleaner and safer for all of us. Here's a great big thanks to everyone who helped. 
On Saturday August 13th approximately 25 volunteers from Perserve Lake Dunlap Association braved the extreme heat conditions. They responded to a request from the PLDA Board of Directors to help tackle the litter problem in Lake Dunlap. Free hot dogs, hamburgers and cold drinks were a welcomed relief as the sun bore down on the volunteers.

Work continued late into the day and ended with reports of a successful clean up. A 26 ft. trailer was loaded to the top with floating debris. The trash consisted of deflated tubes, water bottles, aluminum cans, and a plastic trash can from the City of New Braunfels. Hundreds of multi- color and multi- size flip flops were removed, sorry that none were a matching pair. The submerged trash was unable to be retrieved.

Thank you to the volunteers,

PLDA Board of Directors