About PLDA
The Preserve Lake Dunlap Association 
is a non-profit 501(c) corporation.  According to the 
Articles of Incorporation, the purposes of the corporation 
shall be to: 
(1) preserve the natural scenic beauty and intrinsic character of Lake Dunlap; 
(2) prevention of or elimination of pollution, growth of noxious vegetation, silting and any other environmental threats; 
(3) promote continuing efforts to improve all aspects of the quality of Lake Dunlap as a public recreational area, having due regard for the different uses of this invaluable resource;  
(4) promote improved water quality, fisheries, and boating and water safety through public education and cooperation with government agencies; 
(5) protect Lake Dunlap and its watershed from any events and conditions that could affect the health and safety of area residents, recreational users of the lake, and wildlife; 
(6) protect the flow of water from the Comal springs; 
(7) provide recommendations to the City of New Braunfels on watershed drainage program; 
(8) promote a sense of common interest among members and encourage greater community interest and involvement.​
PLDA Board Members and Contact Info
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2017 Board Meeting Minutes
Annual Meeting
January Meeting
March Meeting
April Meeting
August Meeting

2015 Board Meeting Minutes         2016 Minutes
     January 15                                  January 21
     February 19                                February 18                                
     March 19                                    Annual Meeting 2016
     Annual Meeting 2015                April 21
     April 16                                      May 19
     May 21                                       June 16
     June 18                                       July 21
     July 16                                       August 18
     August 20                                  September 15
     September 17                            October 20
     October 15                                November 17
     November 19
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The most important thing we do is help you enjoy the lake without thinking about all the things that could make it not enjoyable!
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