PLDA Membership
 Membership benefits:
 * Support preservation of the lake
 * Receive email updates on issues affecting the lake
 * Tax-deductible contribution

 Annual membership: 
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   Corporate Sponsor: $200.

   Bronze: $115.

   Silver: $140.

   Gold: $240.                        ​

   Basic: $40. 

   Seniors (65+): $25.

 Use the tax exempt form for your tax deduction.

Here’s a nice story from one of our members.

Dunlap is very, very important to me. I'm retired and a fisherman and Dunlap is 5 minutes from my house. I love to fish it, but also love to just cruise the waters, nothing like being on the water. My Daughter also loves to fish, and we have had some fantastic Father/Daughter moments fishing Dunlap. This morning we were fishing under overhanging trees, the wind was blowing ever so pleasantly cool, almost like fall zephyrs, which encouraged us to be optimistic that, "Fall will be here before you know it. Hooray!" Ok, Ok…so it might really be a while yet, but none the less, mornings like this one are precious. And it's all because Dunlap is available to me and I feel blessed. Actually, it was my daughter that looked across the lake and asked "What is PLDA?" We saw your sign but didn't know what it meant. Well, we figured out the LDA pretty quick, but the P went from private to police. That's why I checked out your website and found out it was Preserve. And that sums it up for me as to why I want to join. I want to help preserve a wonderful privilege granted to me. How can I help?

                                                                                            - Joe Ed Lyles

Bronze, silver and gold levels include a PLDA flag!
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