Introducing the Committee to #RestoreLakeDunlap

The November 3rd election is less than 90 days away, and as lakefront residents, we will be asked to approve the plan developed by the PLDA to finance the dam and approve the Lake Dunlap Water Control and Improvement District as part of that election. Because the usual methods of bringing people together are not available to us in these COVID-19 times, a group of lakefront residents and friends of the PLDA who live within the Lake Dunlap community have launched an independent specific-purpose political action committee (PAC) focused on the passage of the three LDWCID measures on the November 3 ballot. PLDA is a strong supporter of this effort but as a 501(c)3, the association cannot directly engage in political activities. Nonetheless, its members stand solidly with the new PAC in favor of the Lake Dunlap WCID’s ballot measures to restore our lake.  The values of these two groups are aligned around a common purpose: to step up as a community to do what is needed to ensure that Lake Dunlap is restored affordably and as soon as possible — and preserved for generations to come.  Our plan is to work very closely with the PLDA throughout the election season. As lakefront owners, the members of this email list have the greatest stake in this election, and we want to ensure you have the facts and that all your questions get answered.  To do this, we plan to create a group of 40-50 "Neighborhood Captains" that reside in every neighborhood on the lake, provide them with access to all the information we have, and begin hosting small "BYO Lawnchair" events in driveways or yards all around the lake.   Please Help!   Become a Neighborhood Captain! We want to invite volunteers from any neighborhood on the lake to step forward to help us by serving as Neighborhood Captains.  These volunteers will receive special training and packets of sharable information with talking points, facts and figures, and details on every aspect of the plan. Neighborhood Captains will have access to all the most current, most accurate information available right up until the election, November 3.  The main thing we will ask of this vitally important group is to host an informal meeting of about 8-10 of their neighbors in their driveway or yard to answer their questions, surface any concerns, and generally get everyone on the lake that we can up to speed on the three key propositions on the WCID ballot that all have to pass if we want the lake back.  It is the best way we can think of to try to get to everyone. If you are interested in serving as a Neighborhood Captain for your street, please reply to this email and we'll be in touch with you with the details.  There is no better way to know all the facts, and to get our lake back! Please encourage your neighbors to join this email list.  Along with PLDA, we will be providing the most accurate information we can — PLDA to their members, and CRLD to WCID homeowners and residents.  Anyone can subscribe in seconds at - the subscription form is at the bottom of the home page (and all pages on the site). Learn more at the new website,, and consider joining the private, verified-owners-only group on Facebook, "Lake Dunlap WCID Property Owners."  More to come as we work to get the word out to everyone.


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