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PLDA Weekly Update - October 26, 2019

October 26, 2019 Update Just a few items this week.  Let's jump in: 1) PLDA's Weekly Updates to go quiet for a few weeks.  Over the next few weeks as our engineering, legal, and financial teams will be working hard to hammer out the details we need to flesh out our plans for rebuilding the dam.  While the project leaders will still be keeping tabs on the work of our professional teams, there is not going to be much new to report until those teams finish their tasks.  As such, we're going to pause the updates for a few weeks, probably until just after Thanksgiving.  Of course, if anything of import comes up in the interim, you'll be the first to know!  We will also continue to update folks on the progress of our fundraising campaign during this time (see item 3!). 2) GBRA Board of Directors Votes To Approve the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the PLDA.  The biggest news at the Town Hall meeting on October 9 was the announcement that we had reached an agreement with the GBRA leadership on the broad strokes of a plan to begin the repairs on the Lake Dunlap dam, refill our lake, and keep it filled for generations to come.  The last piece of that was to secure the endorsement of the high-level plan by the GBRA Board of Directors.  On October 23rd, they voted unanimously to do that, marking a significant milestone in our efforts.  Next steps, as we discussed at the Town Hall, are to begin working with GBRA, our lawyers, and our advisors on the many details that we need to work through to turn the MOU into a formal contract we can share with the voters.  That work is underway now. 3) PLDA's WCID fundraising campaign raised $64,206 in just its first week!   We are already almost ⅔ of the way to our goal of $100,000!!  The funds will be used to replenish PLDA reserves that had been spent on engineering, surveys and other costs related to the WCID, and set aside new funds for additional engineering, legal, and financial work that we need to make the best possible deal for the voters to look at.  The response of this community has been nothing short of tremendous!  We're so encouraged by the support!  The next step is to extend the reach of the campaign to those lakefront owners who are not yet members of PLDA — about 350 more homes that will receive the same invitation sent to the PLDA membership.  Those invitations are going out via "snail mail" as we do not have emails for those folks yet.  To all of you who have sent in donations, your support is very much appreciated!  To those who have not yet contributed, you can learn everything you need to know on the fundraising web page:  Any level of support is appreciated! Finally, as we look forward to taking a little time off during this quiet time, please know we could not have gotten to this point without your support. That is what is driving this entire project.  While we're pausing the newsletter for a few weeks till we have fresh news to report, please know we're still here, our teams are still working, and you can always reach us by either replying to this message, or sending one to me directly at my email below. It's a great day on Lake Dunlap! J Harmon President PLDA

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