LDWCID Member Update


April 2, 2021

Day 689

Fellow LDWCID Members;

We are now at day 689 since the collapse of our beloved Lake Dunlap dam, and we are working continuously to get back to where we were before that date but even better!

As we mentioned before, although engineering work continues, we experienced a small delay as one of the bidders on the contract filed suit contesting the award.  Here is the latest update regarding the lawsuit:
1.  While the judge didn't agree to dismiss the lawsuit, she strongly implied that GBRA will win a "motion for summary judgment".  That should happen next week.
2.  Although Thalle filed a lawsuit, they did not ask for an injunction to prevent GBRA and Zachry from moving forward - so they are continuing to work on the dam project.
3.  Ground Breaking ceremonies have not happened as fast as we wanted, but are still on track to happen before the end of this month.
4.  There are many points of unofficial news and unverified gossip out there.  The only true source is

Since our last newsletter, we have submitted our request to GBRA for payment of the REC's, met with them to discuss the issue and they are reviewing it at this time.  We hope to receive an answer by next week but it appears it will be in our favor.  These funds would help fund the ongoing expenses of the WCID since we will not receive any revenue from our tax base until later this year.  

The Board has received a request from a developer named Heartwood Development Company II, LLC, requesting that we exempt a portion of our tax base from being taxed, or reimburse their development infrastructure costs through bonds at a later date including payment of some undefined additional amount for the WCID.  Our initial response was that we were not interested in getting involved with developers nor limiting our tax base for the promise of future compensation.  They requesting further discussion on the matter and a team of our Board members have met with them and requested further information to prove any benefit to the WCID and to limit the amount of participation required of the WCID .  It is doubtful that our opinion will change as we are not set up for developer relationships and do not want to set a precedent for future requests.

We will continue to keep you informed on our activities and hope you have a HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your LDWCID Board:

Doug Harrison, President        J. Harmon, Vice President
Gary Schaub, Treasurer            Larry Johnson, Secretary
Harry Moeller, Asst. Secretary



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