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While PLDA is a strong supporter of the efforts of the Lake Dunlap WCID to restore the Lake Dunlap dam and recommends approval of all its November 3rd ballot propositions, it is not affiliated with the Lake Dunlap WCID in any capacity.

LDWCID Member Update
May 17, 2022
3 Years 3 Days
Fellow LDWCID Members:

It’s been 3 years since our dam failed on May 14, 2019. We all miss our lake, but we are
also very happy with all of the progress that is being made towards rebuilding the dam.
The new design includes many features which will help make Lake Dunlap safe and
beautiful for many, many generations.
Zachry Construction is targeting “Substantial Completion” for June 23, 2023.
We do not yet know what date the water will begin to fill up, but when we do we will pass
that along. It would be a good time to start planning any of those lakefront construction
and/or repair projects you’ve been wanting to do.










Lake Dunlap Dam Restoration Project Update

Work on the Lake Dunlap Dam Reconstruction project continues to progress with critical
path activities. LDWCID Technical Committee members continue to participate in Monthly
Progress meetings along with GBRA, Black & Veatch Engineers, and Zachry Construction.
In addition, the Technical Committee members receive a Daily Report each morning from
the Black & Veatch onsite inspector.

Recent and Completed Activities:
Dam Armoring work including flat work and rip-rap continues and is approximately
95% complete.
All bulkhead concrete work between the temporary cofferdam and existing concrete
dam in Bay 1 is 100% complete.
All new horizontal concrete work in Bay 1 is 100% complete.
Work continues with the vertical concrete elements on the East abutment and Pier
No. 1 at Bay 1.
On May 13, 2022, Zachry made the last critical path concrete placement at Pier
No. 1. This is a major milestone that allows the cofferdam in front of Bay 1 to be cut

down to allow water to run over Bay 1, which allows Zachry to move to Bay 3 and
begin temporary cofferdam installation and Bay 3.

Upcoming Activities:
Continue elevated concrete work at East Abutment and Pier No. 1.
Cleanup and demobilize work at Bay 1.
Cutoff cofferdam at Bay 1.
Install cofferdam at Bay 3.
Excavate behind cofferdam at Bay 3.
Demolition of bear trap gate and miscellaneous concrete at Bay 3.
New concrete work at Bay 3.

Overall Schedule:
Original Contractual Substantial completion date was May 14, 2023.
Current Contract Substantial Completion date is June 23, 2023.
40 days of time extension have been added to the original contract due to
unforeseen conditions encountered during Bay 1 construction.
To mitigate further delays, Zachry began working two shifts in mid April.

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Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 7.30.02 AM.png