LDWCID Member Update


May 14, 2021

Day 732 

Fellow LDWCID Members;

We are now at day 732 since the collapse of our beloved Lake Dunlap dam and we are working continuously to get back to where we were before that date but even better!

1.  It is our 2 year anniversary of the day we lost our lake. It is a sad anniversary, but it is also impressive at the amount of work that has been accomplished in a short time.
Started by PLDA Board members and assisted by our Advisory Committee and LDWCID Board we:

  • Created a plan with GBRA to finance the dam repairs.

  • Created a plan with GVEC to purchase the hydro-electric power-with revenues going to the benefit of the WCID.

  • Created a tax district to fund the debt service to repair the dam.

  • Completed a survey to define the boundaries of the WCID District.

  • Received approval from the TCEQ for the District formation.

  • Got the vote onto the May ballot (bumped to November due to Covid).

  • Created a neighborhood outreach program to support the vote.

  • Received OVERWHELMING (over 80%) voter support for the District, its Directors and the right to tax the members of the District.

  • Completed Engineering design for the construction of the dam at no cost to the District (paid by GBRA).

  • Put out bids, received bids, evaluated bids and awarded the construction contract.

  • Secured $40 million in funding at virtually 0% interest from the State of Texas Water Development Board.

  • Began regularly scheduled construction meetings with GBRA and the contractor.

  • Preparing to break ground any day (slight delay due to weather).

It is still estimated to be 2 long years before Lake Dunlap is restored-but we're off to a good start.

2.  Construction Update:    A Preconstruction Meeting was held on April 15th with all parties – GBRA, Black & Veatch Engineers, Zachry Construction.  The LDWCID was represented by it’s Technical Committee members.  Monthly progress meetings have commenced with the first meeting held May 12, 2021.
The Contract is fully executed by GBRA & Zachry & awaiting formal approval from TWDB.  This should happen in the next few days, at which time GBRA will issue a formal Notice to Proceed.  The Notice to Proceed is the formal start of the 24-month contract duration.  While some work has begun at the project site, much of the upfront preparatory work is going on off site by Zachry and the team, such as:
Current Activities

  1. All required permits have been obtained.

  2. Zachry is mobilizing the site in anticipation of the Notice to Proceed.

  3. Lay down and storage yard is prepared and in place.

  4. Office trailer delivery and temporary utility hookup is planned for next week pending weather.

  5. Final design and fabrication of the Crane access trestle with anticipated installation to begin early June.

  6. Final design and fabrication of the temporary cofferdam system with material delivery expected by the end of May.

  7. Preparation of contract submittals for all components of construction including the Crest Gates.

Anticipated Activities

  1. Installation of required Erosion Control.

  2. Clearing and grubbing of areas receiving dam armoring.

  3. Earthwork associated with construction of the emergency spillway.

  4. Temporary crane trestle installation. (This along with the cofferdam installation will be noisy work)

  5. After trestle is installed, the Cofferdam installation will commence at Bay 1.

  6. Once the Bay 1 Cofferdam is installed, the first bay will be dewatered which is when demolition and subsequent concrete work will begin.

3.  Legal Update:  GBRA's lawsuit with one of the bidders continues.  So far, it has cost us ZERO dollars and ZERO delay.  Zachry, the winning bidder, is working full speed ahead.

4.  We requested that GBRA share monies they had bid out for Renewable Energy Credits, REC's, created by Lake Dunlap hydro generation.  We are pleased to announce we were just recently presented with a check for close to $13,000 for those credits from GBRA.

5.  TENTATIVE - LDWCID Town Hall meeting targeted for Tuesday June 22, 2021 at 5 pm.  More details to follow.

6.  There are many points of unofficial news and unverified gossip out there.  The only true source is

We will continue to keep you informed on our activities and hope you have a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEWS FLASH – GBRA and Zachry have just released the NOTICE TO PROCEED with construction this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your LDWCID Board:

Doug Harrison, President        J. Harmon, Vice President
Gary Schaub, Treasurer            Larry Johnson, Secretary
Harry Moeller, Asst. Secretary



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