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PLDA members:


We are producing electricity with the new Lake Dunlap Dam. Even with the drought the numbers look good and full fill our forecast in the debt service equation of the dam. Note the month of January with the rain event the production numbers and the amount billed increased. This report also reflects a fixed amount in the monthly billing which attributes to the ongoing ability to produce power. We need more rain!



If you do not understand this report reach out to me with your questions.


This is also the first announcement with many more to follow : 


PLDA is hosting a membership drive and welcome back Lake Dunlap "Lake Fest" April 20th at River Bend Community Center 2:00pm-8:00pm no admission fee. Food trucks will be be onsite along with games for the children. Silent Auction with a live auction and live music all day. Come by boat or car and meet your PLDA BOD. If you would like to contribute or donate items for the auctions please contact me.


It's a Great Day on Lake Dunlap,


J Harmon 

PLDA is an independent 501(c)3 not-for profit corporation.  This web site and its contents are entirely paid for by member contributions.  All content solely represents the viewpoints and perspectives of the PLDA. 


While PLDA is a strong supporter of the efforts of the Lake Dunlap WCID to restore the Lake Dunlap dam and recommends approval of all its November 3rd ballot propositions, it is not affiliated with the Lake Dunlap WCID in any capacity.

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