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Lake Dunlap Update

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Dear PLDA members,

We held back this update one day so that we could report on the progress of the new PLDA Advisory Committee of business and community leaders that are helping the PLDA Board of Directors in a number of critical areas.  The 12-member Advisory Committee met this morning to go over their role in the process of getting a viable solution to repairing and maintaining our dam as soon as is practically possible.  

The meeting began with a review of the three overall goals we have for this effort, and a discussion of why it is important to keep these goals firmly in focus:

1. To restore and preserve the value of the waterfront property along the shores of Lake Dunlap. 2. To restore the economic viability of businesses that support recreation on Lake Dunlap. 3. To ensure that the dam is repaired in a way that preserves the legacy of Lake Dunlap for our families and future property owners for generations to come. 

Now that this group is in place, we hope to begin making significant progress toward making our proposal to do this work a reality.  The committee will focus on three critical areas at first, all of which will be part of the application to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to create our water district.  These areas are:

Finance -- looking at options in the bond/debt markets, developing financial projections, and assisting with the TCEQ application for the creation of the water district. Communications -- advising PLDA on communication strategies, materials, and so forth.  This group will also advise on the development of web and email strategies, and ultimately on the bond election. Engineering -- this group would help with the public's understanding of the work GBRA has done, the reviews they conducted of various technologies, while giving us the benefit of a range of "second opinions."

Work continues on looking at all options for funding, but as noted in the proposal, there is a long timeline to get the water district in place,. We have every reason to get that process started even as we continue to look at any new funding options that we can.

As always, please continue to look to the PLDA and our website,, for the latest and most accurate news related to our dam and the efforts underway to restore our lakefronts and property values.

J Harmon President PLDA

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