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Lake Dunlap WCID has been approved!

February 8, 2020 PLDA Update Dear neighbors, We have some really good news to share! The Lake Dunlap Water Control and Improvement District has been approved! As of 5 pm yesterday, February 7, 2020, the Lake Dunlap WCID Creation Order was formally issued by the Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  The order also named these five temporary board members: Doug Harrison J Harmon Dr. Larry Johnson Harry Moeller Gary Schaub This effort took those closely involved over 7 months to accomplish, and countless hours to put all the pieces in place to get it completed and through the administrative and public reviews. The next steps related to the WCID are to have the TCEQ's decisions ratified by the registered voters of the district in the May 2, 2020 election.  We will be sharing more information on that point as it becomes available. It is hard to list all the many many people who aided us in this effort, but we should point out some of the major players — notably our attorney, Tony Corbett, our Advisory Committee, everyone who donated or signed a petition, those whose voices we heard at our town meetings, and of course, the PLDA and its members, where this effort all started. On an administrative note, as we go forward under the banner of the Lake Dunlap WCID, we will need to detach the work of the WCID and the PLDA, and let the PLDA return to its longstanding, community-focused mission.  The role of the PLDA and its board and members cannot be understated.  This accomplishment will always be part of the PLDA's long and hugely positive legacy. As part of this, this will the last dam update under a PLDA logo.  Going forward, future updates will come to you under the auspices of the Lake Dunlap WCID, but will feel quite familiar I am sure.  You do not need to make any changes to continue to receive these updates from the WCID. There is a new WCID website ( that is live now, and will continue to grow in information and detail as we get closer to the March 18 Town Hall and the May 2 election.  If you have not already, please take a minute to take a look and add your name to the District mailing list via the Subscribe form at the bottom of any page on the site.   We cannot emphasize enough how important this milestone is, as now we will be working with local government and local government agencies as a peer, and we have real standing with our city, county, and state officials.   This has truly been a grassroots effort in the best sense of that phrase, and we're humbled by the support of our friends and neighbors and what we can accomplish together.  Thank you, to all of you.   "It's a GREAT day on Lake Dunlap." J Harmon President PLDA

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