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PLDA Update - January 25, 2020

January 25, 2020 PLDA Update Dear neighbors, We promised in our last note before Christmas to get back to you after the new year with a short update.  Let's jump in: 1) First off, we're very happy to report that the timeline we have been working on since the October Town Hall for the formal creation of our WCID and contract with GBRA is still in effect.  We are very much on track on all fronts. Our attorney and our expert teams are (and have been) hard at work on the myriad  details related to the review and official formation of our WCID, the dam contract negotiations with the GBRA, and ensuring all is in place so we can meet the deadline for filing for the May 2, 2020 election.  These critical elements are all moving forward as we planned, and we look forward to having them behind us very soon. 2) Save the Date!!  The next town meeting will be in the same location as our last one, at the New Braunfels Convention Center on March 18, 2020 at 6:30 pm.  This Town Hall mrks a huge milestone for us as it will also be the kickoff for the special election to formalize our district. As we promised back in October, we are working very hard to  be able to provide all the details you've asked us to give you ahead of the May election.  That is still very much the plan. 3) Voting and Registration Update.  As we've stated before, basically any registered voter that is registered at an address within the new WCID will be able to vote on the approval of the district.  (The rule of thumb is that if the property touches the lake, it is in the district; if it doesn't, it is not).    We are already working with the Election Administrators in both counties so we can have detailed voting schedules, polling locations, and more for you in March. Toward this goal, we also are working on an update to the Frequently-Asked Questions document (FAQ) with all the final details, election particulars, and more.  One thing we can already tell you is that because the election will be run by the same county election administrators that run all the local elections and polling places for every election (including state-wide and federal), you can expect that in really almost every way the election will be just like any other proposition or school board election.  We already have confirmed our two polling locations — one will be at Grace Church on 725 and the other at the Tech Center out by New Braunfels Airport.  Each of these locations are places where voting takes place in every election, so they should feel right at home for most of you.  We'll send details on early voting dates and hours out ahead of the March meeting and will also have copies there.   PLEASE NOTE!  If you plan to vote, be sure you are registered by no later than April 1.  For all the specific requirements and details on that, or to check your current voter registration status, please see Our election campaign will be very low key and grass roots, as we're all neighbors, so don't expect to see signs — you can just reach out to us.  Once we have the initial approval of the district, our efforts to be sure all your questions get answered will kick off in earnest, and we look forward to that. As we continue to do what needs to be done to fix our dam, please know how much we appreciate your support.  We wish you and your families a prosperous and healthy new year.   "It's a great day on Lake Dunlap." J Harmon President PLDA

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