PLDA Weekly Update - August 24, 2019

While this week's report is shorter than last week's, it is mostly a reflection of the fact that people are continuing to work hard on the project on a number of the levels we discussed last week. A great deal is going on with the Lake Dunlap Restoration Project, but mostly at the workgroup level.

1) Meeting of Political and Business Leaders.   This week a high-level meeting was convened to look at financing options for the Dunlap Dam repair.  In attendance were several state political leaders, local business leaders, and local political leaders, and others.  Among them were State Senator Charles Perry, who currently chairs the Senate Committee on Water & Rural Affairs, which in turn oversees the State Water Board.  Senator Perry authored and passed Senate Bill 8, which creates the first-ever State Flood Plan and secures funding to reinforce high hazard dams.  The group met to explore options, look at financial alternatives and potential financing that could be available to us, including the possibility of a low interest loan from the Water Board.  These discussions are ongoing.

2) Dunlap, McQueeney, and Placid Lake Associations in talks. Numerous conversations and meetings took place this week between the leadership of the lake associations for Dunlap, McQueeney, and Placid.  These discussions are focusing on understanding where each lakes' needs and interests align with the others, and where they might diverge.  There are plans to continue these discussions, particularly in light of the potential interest of the Water Board in our collective situation.  

As always, for the latest and most accurate news about Lake Dunlap, continue to look to the PLDA.  Finally, PLDA remains steadfastly committed to moving forward on all this in the spirit of collaboration, community, and full transparency.

J Harmon President PLDA


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