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PLDA Weekly Update - August 3, 2019

Dear PLDA Members,

PLDA and its members continue to work to make a difference in the quality of our lakefront, and towards our mutual goal of restoring our property values on and around the lake. This week, we have several news items to report.

1) Water District Creation Petition. As of this morning, we have over 180 signed petitions in hand, more than twice our original goal of 75!  The purpose of this petition is to establish to the TCEQ that landowners in our proposed district support the creation of the water district. Signing the petition only means you support the creation of the district. You are not being asked to weigh in on any levy at this point, and are not committing yourself to do so.

2) Lake Dunlap Dam Inspection. If you live near the dam, you might have noticed divers working the areas around the failed gate. As GBRA noted in their Facebook post, the work is still underway and should take another week of evaluation. Divers are having trouble cutting a section of the gate by the hinges for inspection. A preliminary report indicates that the gate hinge failed due to aging steel on the broken gate.

3) Meeting between PLDA and City of New Braunfels. PLDA board members Doug Harrison and Larry Johnson met with the City Attorney and members of the Planning Department at the City of New Braunfels to share information, answer questions, and ultimately to ask the City Council for their support of our project. Look for this to be on an upcoming City Council agenda. When we know the date, we'll let you know as it would be great to have a public show of support!

4) Meeting with the Design Engineers. The Advisory Committee's Technical Work Group will meet with the design engineers who propose the new hydraulic crest dam on August 8. This will give this talented team a chance to dialog with the actual people who are developing the solutions for GBRA.

For the latest and most accurate information about our lake, please continue to advise friends and neighbors to watch the website. PLDA members will get a direct email once a week with the latest updates.

We very much appreciate your support as we work on maintaining and restoring our lake.

And finally, as always, PLDA is committed to moving forward on all this in the spirit of collaboration, community, and full transparency.

J Harmon President PLDA

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