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PLDA Weekly Update - July 20, 2019

Dear PLDA members,

PLDA has been hard at work towards our mutual goal of restoring our property values on and around the lake, and this week, we have several news items to report.

1) Water District Creation Petition. As you know, the PLDA is working with the GBRA, the counties, New Braunfels, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to create a Water District that would allow us to fix our dam. This week we reached a major milestone and have completed the creation petition and we began collecting signatures from waterfront property owners this week.

The purpose of this petition is to establish to the TCEQ that at least 50 landowners in our proposed district support the creation of the water district. The levy is a separate process that cannot start until we create the entity. Signing the petition only means you support the creation of the district. You are not being asked to weigh in on any levy at this point, and are not committing yourself to do so.

We'd like to ask you to do two things now.

First, if you are a waterfront property owner, and you support the creation of the district, please complete and sign the last page of the petition for each parcel you own, and send the original to PLDA Board Member Larry Johnson as soon as you can via US Post to this address:

Larry Johnson 1778 Sunflower Bluff New Braunfels, TX 78130 (please send original - copies, texts and emails cannot be accepted)

We only need the last page. The first three are required to share with petition signers under the Water Code, and you can keep those for your own information. If you do not know your frontage that's ok. We are verifying all that with the appraisal districts.

Second, please share this with other waterfront owners you might know anywhere on Lake Dunlap. Only waterfront properties are affected. We are hoping to get to about 75 petitions by mid-week next week, and then we can file this with the counties and New Braunfels. Once we do that, we are well on our way to sending in the TCEQ paperwork!

Remember, this is JUST for the creation of the district, not any possible future levies or other actions. That will come after we create the district, and is its own giant process, and we will include everyone affected when we get to that, along with town meetings, special communications, etc. But we need to start here with this.

2) River Clean-Up. Also noted last week, but worth mentioning again is that Gruene Environmental Companies with the help of P.L.D.A Board of Directors has organized a "Lake Dunlap Clean Up" for Saturday, July 27th, beginning at 8 am. Here are the details: The main location is 499 East Klein Road in New Braunfels.

The group is looking for volunteers, especially people who may have boats on the water, including kayaks, canoes, and any motorized vessels. If you don't have a boat, that is OK, as the group can arrange to get you to a location to help with the cleanup.

As in past years, there will be music, boats working, and lots of people having a good time. For more info, or to sign up, contact Matt Pustka at 830-822-6595 or

3) Lake Dunlap Restoration Project. For an overview of this project, please see this document. The Advisory Committee is hard at work drafting the application package. Our timeline has us looking for approval for the water district by (or before) November this year.

By that time, our engineering subcommittee will also have completed its review of all the recommendations and reviews of systems done by the GBRA, and we should have a firm handle on costs and other factors related to the financial aspects of the plan. This is a very ambitious timetable, but everyone involved is committed to reaching this milestone by November.

4) Texas Parks and Wildlife. On July 23, 2019, Texas Parks and Wildlife will tour the lake end to end with GBRA to assess what might need to be done to retard possible overgrowth on the river banks. We'll keep you apprised of any developments as soon as we know any more.

For the latest and most accurate information about our lake, please continue to advise friends and neighbors to watch the website. PLDA members will get a direct email once a week with the latest updates.

We very much appreciate your support as we work on maintaining and restoring our lake. PLDA is committed to moving forward in the spirit of collaboration, community, and full transparency.

As always, PLDA is committed to moving forward in the spirit of collaboration, community, and full transparency.

J Harmon President PLDA

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