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PLDA Weekly Update - July 27, 2019

Dear PLDA members,

As we wrap up the last days of July, PLDA and it members continue to work to make a difference in the quality of our lakefront, and our mutual goal of restoring our property values on and around the lake.  This week, we have several news items to report.

1) River Clean-Up. We had a tremendous turnout for the river cleanup today, and want to give a big shout out to not only the 50+ volunteers that turned out to participate, but especially to the event's sponsor, Gruene Environmental and Matt Pustka.  Volunteers removed trash and debris from the river and the shores, and generally had a fantastic time.  Also a big shout to NB Boathouse who got their workboats in the water and brought 10 employees to pull the large items out of the rapids near Boenig Drive.  

All up and down the lake, everywhere you looked, people were mowing, removing trash and debris, beautifying their waterfront, and so much more, in a real outpouring of community effort!  

It is this kind of effort that makes the Lake Dunlap community so special, and it is wonderful to see so many people working to make a real difference!  Many thanks to everyone who participated!

2) Water District Creation Petition. As of this morning, we have well over 150 signed petitions in hand, more than twice our original goal of 75!  The response has been so good that we have set a new goal for ourselves.  We'd love to reach 200!  

If you live on the waterfront and  have not had the chance to get your petition in, there is still time!  

The purpose of this petition is to establish to the TCEQ that landowners in our proposed district support the creation of the water district. Signing the petition only means you support the creation of the district. You are not being asked to weigh in on any levy at this point, and are not committing yourself to do so.

3) PLDA Advisory Committee. As most of you probably know, we convened a special Advisory Committee in July to help us with our work to find a way to repair our dam. The committee has three working groups, and boy have they been busy!  

  • The Technical Work Group is looking at current engineering plans, is engaged in talks with the GBRA and similar groups on the other lakes, and generally focusing on technical aspects of the project.  

  • The TCEQ Application Work Group developed and distributed the petition and now is working with the TCEQ to finalize the needed paperwork to officially apply for the district to be created.  

  • The Communications Work Group has been helpful in gathering needed information, reaching out to other lake associations, and thinking forward to how we will set up communications with lakefront property owners going forward.  

This committee is working very hard on your behalf, and the results so far have been enormously helpful!

And with that, this week's update is probably already too long, so we'll stop here for now.

For the latest and most accurate information about our lake, please continue to advise friends and neighbors to watch the website. PLDA members will get a direct email once a week with the latest updates.

We very much appreciate your support as we work on maintaining and restoring our lake.

And finally, as always, PLDA is committed to moving forward on all this in the spirit of collaboration, community, and full transparency.

J Harmon President PLDA

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