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PLDA Weekly Update - Oct 19, 2019

PLDA Announces $100,000 Fund Raising Campaign.

Today, the Preserve Lake Dunlap Association (PLDA) is kicking off a campaign to raise operating funds needed to take our WCID and the Lake Dunlap Restoration Project forward as swiftly as possible.  Up to this point, the PLDA has funded 100% of the costs of this effort. Last week, we shared our plans to get our dam back with an audience of nearly 500 lakefront property owners and other interested parties, and the response was tremendous!

With that solid road map in place, now we want to move forward with all due speed. To do that, we anticipate we will need a solid reserve.  The funds will cover expected engineering, legal, financial advising, and other operating costs directly related to the formation of our district. These include reviews of designs and construction plans, and completion of all the necessary contracts and agreements. To make the best decisions, we need to consult experts.

If each of the 500+ homeowners on the lake contributed an average of just $200, we could raise the entire fundraising goal in short order!  And, because many non-waterfront owners and businesses have asked how they can help, we’re also sharing this invitation to contribute across the Lake Dunlap community!  We encourage anyone with an interest in restoring Lake Dunlap to its previous beauty to help us with a contribution of any amount. 

We’ve already received pledges in the amount of $41,400 towards our goal!  To take it the rest of the way, though, we need your help.

PLDA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, so your contributions are tax-deductible.  Please give what you can to support our plan to bring Lake Dunlap back.  While we hope for an average of $200 per waterfront home, any level of support is welcome!

You can contribute two ways: via a check or money order, or online using your credit or debit card.

Send your tax-deductible check to PLDA, Inc., PO Box 312448, New Braunfels, Tx 78131. - or -

Make your tax-deductible donation online using your credit or debit card at

You and the other members of the Lake Dunlap community are our strongest asset in this effort.  We cannot be successful without your support.  This campaign is planned to strictly cover operational costs of the dam restoration effort.  Once we have established our district, we’re planning a follow-on capital campaign to reduce the amount that we will need to borrow.

Thank you to all who have already contributed and to those who are considering contributing.  Your generosity will help us to bring valuable expertise to the task of getting our dam back! 

Lastly, please help us keep you informed!  If you are a future member of the Lake Dunlap WCID (eg, you own waterfront property on Lake Dunlap), please visit to provide us your most current contact information!

Thank you!

J Harmon President PLDA

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