Weed Mats at Lake Dunlap

PLDA members, I am asking for your support. As many of you know the weed mats in our lake continues to be an ongoing issue with the city. Your Board of Directors have invested time and your money to work on this problem for several years. Now is the time for PLDA to show support and unity. Please sign the petition to stop the city from dumping weeds from Landa Lake into our river. PLDA is scheduled to meet with City Council on March 25th 6:00 pm at the city chambers. I am asking All members and friends to join us that night in support. Our PLDA attorney will make our presentation.

Thank you for supporting PLDA,

     - J Harmon


Preserve Lake Dunlap Association has retained the services of Irvine & Conner of Houston Texas in the following role: As necessary, continue investigation regarding the source of the vegetative mat problem impacting Lake Dunlap and the city's role.

Thank you for supporting PLDA.

       -The Board of Directors


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