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Write Now, Right Now!

Great News! Thanks to our incredible representation, a $35 million amendment was made to Senate Bill #8 (SB8) by representative John Kuempel on the house floor. It has already passed its third reading and is going to a conference committee of the House and the Senate.

If the funding language stays on in conference committee, passes both the House and the Senate with the language intact and the governor does not veto, then GBRA will have funds for the repair of the damn!

We now need to rally together and contact our state officials. An email is BEST as they are incredibly busy at this point in the session HERE'S the message:

Please support the House version of SB8 as it passed and went into conference committee. Specifically, please support the amendment by Representative John Keumpel that provides $35 Million to address the disaster caused by the failure of the Lake Dunlap dam. 

This disaster not only impacts the property surrounding the lake and associated taxes but also water under the contract that supports San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, and others. As you know water can be scarce in this area during times of drought and these towns have suffered in the past. The dam also provides some control of in-stream flows which can be important to downstream farmers and industry. 

Thank you very much! My name and address are: 

[ Must include; if you are not their constituent, give them your name and address anyway and how you know them.]

Find your state representative and senator with an address on and using the "members" tab under "find my representative." If you will look under email, there is a form where you can send an email from that page.

We need you! This is one of the most important things you will do as a member of PLDA.

Write Now, Right Now!

CB#: 713-202-8870

CB#: 713-202-8870

Contact our elected officials on behalf of Lake Dunlap Dam Restoration

Senator Donna Campbell

Phone: 830-626-0065


Representative John Kuempel

Phone: 830-379-8732

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