Preserving Lake Dunlap for . . . 
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Preserving Lake Dunlap for . . . 
Home page updated November, 30, 2016


Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Judging of boat houses will begin at 6:30pm

First Place-$100 Gift Card
Second Place-$75 Gift Card
Third Place-$50 Gift Card

Good Luck & may the best boat house win....

GBRA to Repair Spill Gate 

Beginning the evening of Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Lake Dunlap’s level will be lowered approximately 18 to 24 inches below normal so that Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) hydroelectric maintenance personnel can make repairs to the downstream and side seals of a spill gate. The needed repairs were identified during the most recent inspection.
GBRA officials anticipate these scheduled operations should be completed by Saturday, December 10th.

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Protect Your Property

Although it can happen year-round there is typically an increase in burglaries and theft around the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. In order to decrease your risk of being a target The New Braunfel's Police Department reminds homeowners to always do the following:

  •  Lock your home and vehicles (even when parked in your own drive way)
  •  If you have to leave items in your vehicle store them in your trunk
  •  Keep your garage door closed
  •  Keep items of value out of view or locked up, LOCK YOUR DOCK!!
  •  If possible, install security lights or a security system
  •  Report suspicious activity, vehicles, etc. to your local law enforcement agency.