Preserving Lake Dunlap for . . . 
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Preserving Lake Dunlap for . . . 
Home page updated April 17, 2017

Protect Your Property

Although it can happen year-round there is typically an increase in burglaries and theft around the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. In order to decrease your risk of being a target The New Braunfel's Police Department reminds homeowners to always do the following:

  •  Lock your home and vehicles (even when parked in your own drive way)
  •  If you have to leave items in your vehicle store them in your trunk
  •  Keep your garage door closed
  •  Keep items of value out of view or locked up, LOCK YOUR DOCK!!
  •  If possible, install security lights or a security system
  •  Report suspicious activity, vehicles, etc. to your local law enforcement agency.  

Sometimes accidents happen, but keeping Lake Dunlap free of debris is a high priority for PLDA. These pictures are one example of how PLDA use your dues and fundraisers to keep our lake safe for recreational activities.